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Equihof - The Natural Lifestyle
Equihof, not the kind of tack shop you're used to visit… Why is Equihof different? As totally horse crazed people we visited every tack shop within reach. Unfortunately, we were disappointed time and time again… every place was quite the same, the same products everywhere, never any changes and moreover, the Horse’s well being was never an issue. Selling the newest gadgets was… When advise was given it was not the kind of advice we would expect, not to mention horse unfriendly. The result; we started a tack shop ourselves! One where we ourselves like to shop. Therefore you’ll find products in our shop we can fully support and use ourselves. And that seems to be the huge difference with all the others; at Equihof the horse’s well being comes first at all times! You can count on honest and horse friendly advice much above the desire to sell our products. Perhaps needless to say; our range of bits, spurs and gadgets is very limited. Though, the products we do sell are very well thought off. Of course, we do not only love horses, we love all animals. Therefore you shall find your biological (raw)food, natural care products etc. for Cats & Dogs at Equihof as well. As said, we love all animals so we have made it one of our goals to try to sell products that are against animal testing and tell the world about the needless suffering of billions of lab animals. Just ask us for advice, we have so much experience with all sorts of abused and ill animals and nursing them back to physical and mental health. Because of the way we keep to our ideals, very beautiful things came to our path. That is why Equihof has a variety of important products to offer you which are very exclusive. With pride we name Dr. Cook of the one and only Bitless bridles, Heather Moffett’s Fhoenix saddle and Chris Irwin’s Horsepower DVDs.